"Ryan Blair... a guy who's making it big, and making it fast... and a hell of a dresser. He's going to show you how to stop over thinking and start making millions."- Donny Deutsch


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Ryan is only available for speaking engagements where he feels he can make an impact on behalf of the organizations he believes in. All speaking fees go directly to charity.

Nothing to Lose

While the circumstances of Ryan’s upbringing were extreme indeed, he found a way to change his mindset in order to build several multi-million dollar companies, all at a very young age. While the story of how he turned his life around is a compelling and inspirational one indeed, Ryan is so much more than that. He offers solid advice to those looking to build their own businesses so they can find their passion and live out their own Horatio Alger stories.

Not just for individual entrepreneurs, Ryan’s message resonates across today’s business climate where the entrepreneurial spirit is needed now more than ever (no matter how large your organization). Employee engagement, having an owner’s mindset—these are all intertwined in his fascinating and dynamic presentations. A perfect blend of business acumen and inspiration—that’s Ryan.

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