The Ryan Blair Scam

I have a confession. But I’ll save it for the bottom of this post.

Let me start by painting you a little picture with some backstory…

I love Google, you probably do too. I use it many times per day. It’s my default. Looking at the traffic stats from my blog, people searching for “Ryan Blair” via Google is certainly one of the top organic traffic draws.

And that’s what bothers me.

When you use Google (and other search engines) they have a feature that offers up suggestions based on the words that you start typing into the search bar/box. For Google it’s called Autocomplete.

From Google: “As you type, Google’s algorithm predicts and displays search queries based on other users’ search activities.”

Ryan Blair ScamWhen you start typing “Ryan Blair” into Google four terms automatically appear… Ryan Blair, Ryan Blair Scam, Ryan Blair Documentary, and Ryan Blair Wiki.

I’ll be honest, the second suggestion, the “Ryan Blair Scam” has irritated me for a while. Why? Well, because I know why it’s there. It’s not because people, real people like you, are searching for “Ryan Blair Scam,” it’s because the skeptics and the haters have hijacked my search in an effort to pull me / us down. They setup fake websites, they post on forums, the game the system, they try to create doubt and undermine the validity of what I and what ViSalus have proven to be legit, effective and trustworthy.

Sure, we all have our faults, I have plenty of my own. ViSalus does too. Sometimes we mess up but every time we learn and we grow and we try our best to do better. Our wins far outweigh our failures and that’s what matters most.

If you want to know about my mistakes see the chapter “Million Dollar Mistakes” in Nothing To Lose. If you want to know my position on direct sales or multi-level marketing, see the chapter on “Pros and Cons of the Home Based Business.”

We all have skeletons but I’ve taken mine out of the closest and put them in the book store.

Ryan Blair Presents Master P and Urban Born with Check

And it became a New York Times and International best seller with all profits donated to charity. Read more about that via the Blair Foundation page here[Here’s a pic of me giving Master P a check for Urbanborn to prevent fatherless kids from going down the same path I did.]

And there’s the blog where I share how I committed most of my assets to charity or the media page that shows how countless national media have profiled my story (and our story, the ViSalus story).

Does that sound like a SCAM to you?

While I wish “Ryan Blair Charity,” “Ryan Blair Book” or “Ryan Blair Entrepreneur” would come first in the Google Autocomplete right now… it will, in time.

So back to my confession…

When I see things like the Google search and the haters trying to hate, I don’t let it distract me from what I have been called to do. I use that energy, that irritation as inspiration to prove the hater wrong.

Because, when we have nothing to lose, we have everything to gain.

Do the right thing and don’t let them sidetrack you.

Introduce your haters, naysayers and skeptics to some good old ToldUSo.


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Comments (11)

    Well said as usual!! My admiration for you keeps growing, so let those haters keep on hating. I believe that they do not actually hate you anyway, they are maybe just jealous. We all know jealousy does not get anyone anywhere. It takes a narrow path to nowhere!

    Greg Garcia says:

    Ryan, as the adage goes…Let your haters be your motivators. It is simple mathematics. Add a large enough positive to the weakerv negative and the negative is no longer there.

    Mary Glancy says:

    I agree. Ryan Blair mentor would also be nice. I have gained a lot of wisdom from you. Do not let the haters shut you up. To many count on you & look forward to your lessons.

    Duwayna says:

    It’s also a way to drive traffic to the positive. People just want the truth…so piquing there interest with the proverbial ‘can’t stop watching the car wreck’ is better than no interest at all. Ryan, the truth always comes out. If you gain followers because they want to know you are an imperfect being, even better.

    Beverly Oliwa says:

    whats funny is those who have a scam site set up to get people looking and then they are promoting…. I love that most will not be swayed by those kinds and not do business with because of their tactics

    Joe says:

    Great job, Ryan! Forget that kind of negative people! They will NEVER have any success in their POOR life !!!

    Bill Nissen says:

    This heart expressed is why I’m here… I love the transparency

    kim says:

    Nicely done !

    shawn pitts says:

    Ryan thanks for everything you do. Your story,leadership & book have meant so much to me in my times of trial. I have gone thru my trials with motihaters…and thats exactly what they are. Haters that have ultimetly motivated me to higher and greater things. Instead of letting it get me down it has built me up so strong because of your mentorship and others who have taught me to channel it and overcome. NTL…no one is getting my milk!!!

    Its Really Crazy all the Folks that call every thing out there a Piramid or Scam. Hey at least your found. Visalus is the Best program I have ever seen in my 30yrs of networking. I am excited Visalus will be here for years to come. And Thats what is really important to us

    Thanks for the Opportunity

    Hey Ryan. I’m a young aspiring entrepreneur who serves in the Marine Corps (reserves) and I just finished your book. Greatly inspired by your story and when I saw this post I got excited because there may be a way I can help. I’m a consultant for a company called Reputation Changer. We can change that google auto-suggest and take scam out and definitely replace it with mentor or other similar terms. If interested you can shoot me an email at I would love the opportunity to talk with you and if I could help that would be even better!

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