NTL a #1 New York Times Paperback Bestseller

I want to thank everyone who has helped support the Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain paperback release. It officially hit #1 on the New York Times paperback bestsellers list.

It’s an honor that means the world to me and I hope I get the opportunity to personally thank each one of you on my book tour across America (now through early May). See the tour dates here.

I need to come clean with something though…

While the book hitting #1 is a dream come true, as is seeing all the buzz and getting the opportunity to share the NTL story via national media such as Access Hollywood, HuffPost Live, or the many others… what makes it truly worth it is this:

“This book has completely changed the way I view my life.”

That’s a review someone left on Amazon. It’s one of many and it is my real WHY with this book. Long before becoming a bestseller or even writing the story, my hope was simply that this book would inspire others and equip them with tangible ideas that they could put to use. Seeing others develop a “Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain” mindset and use my story as fuel for their own is what brings me the most satisfaction.

I want to create an army of NTL minded people around the world. People who rise up, who overcome and who make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

So, if you have purchased the book or supported the launch in any way… THANK YOU.

If you have been impacted by the NTL story and if it has helped you, I’d like to know. You can post a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or tell me your NTL story here.

Last but not least… if you haven’t picked up a copy of the book yet… what are you waiting for? Invest the $11 or so (cost of the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble) on yourself and your future success or pick up a copy for someone else and invest in them. 100% of the proceeds of my book go to charity.

Thanks again and keep spreading the word! — Tweet | Post to FB

P.S. If you are on Pinterest, you can share a few NTL image quotes here.

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    Kim says:


    I’m totally in Awe with this Autobiography & the lessons, Wisdom & Overcoming all you had to, to be all you can be!! You know my whole story more than anyone.. Like I’ve read and you have said it many times, when the Students ready the Teacher will appear. You have done more than I can ever say through your Words and the Example you set everyday.. For that I am Grateful… Much Love Always xoxox

    Liz says:

    There are very few people in this world who have become successful as you have & remain humble enough to use their success stories to impact other lives.
    Your humility, humble character, & giving heart is one of the many reasons you are successful. And as long as you remain that way…you will create that NTL mindset in many lives.
    I’m honored to be somehow a part of your life.
    I’m blessed to be a part of the company you help change lives with.
    I’m inspired by your story & I look forward to sharing it with others.
    Your story, your life, your selflessness keeps me moving forward & gives me a strength for a no excuses attitude.

    Thank YOU for being an open book & allowing us a closer look at you & your life.
    Wishing you continued success.
    God bless!

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